This past weekend was a mission to find a convex mirror for the house. After looking downtown and realizing we'd have to sell the house to buy one, it was time to try a different angle. "I know, let's try the Flea Market!" And so it began. 

We called up our Fleakend veteran (my bud Ryan), and we were off. Kelly and I have never ventured out to this elusive Ladson Flea Market before and were excited about the experience even if we came back empty handed. Upon arrival, we realized we got there a little too late (2:30ish) for all the vendors to be open. Ryan said the cold weather also plays a big factor whether people stay late. Prime times are usually 9-noon, noted. We realized our mission for a convex mirror on this trip was looking weak but we didn't let that stop us from exploring. When I say it's a whole other world there, I mean it. One minute you'll be looking at zebra print spandex, the next you'll have a biker patch vendor with patches like, "Eatin ain't cheatin!" I think your best plan for venturing out there is to bring some cash and an open mind. No plans, just explore.

Although we did not find our convex mirror, we did find cool things (like a beer candle) and see/meet some very eclectic people. We also found out that the vegetable market has all kinds of crazy fruits and spices for hella cheap! (new produce shopping spot, found!) So let's recap on things we came home with and tips if you'd like to experience a Fleakend.

Our Finds : A double handled beer mug candle, cajun spice boiled peanuts, hot chocolate, fresh veggies, wooden veggie crates (awesome nightstands).

Fleakend Tips Bring cash, bring items to barter with, sunshine brings all the vendors to the yard, 9am - Noon prime time, park near the veggie market if you plan to stock up, keep an open mind, talk to people, explore everything.